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September 08, 2011


Al Jay

The reason Texas is number one in heavy equipment thefts is because this is one of the few areas of the US that heavy construction is going on.


Dah. Is there work in where equipment is needed in the other 49 states?


How do you hide one of those things?


ObaMAO has wiped out construction and jobs.


You don't hide them. You beat it to the Mexican border as fast as possible. That's one more reason for more agents and better border security


Can you say illegals.....that is who and what are committing the thefts.


And these thefts largely took place in the Democratic bastions in the state. Not surprising.


Wanna take bets on which direction all that stolen equipment went? South, just like this state since Perry refuses to secure our border...

Readymixed Concrete Cebu

Theft? Meaning stealing some funds? Because of the over charge price?

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