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September 28, 2011



The sentence was every bit appropriate. Who knows how many lives would have been harmed by his actions through murders, burglaries, thefts, robberies and other anti-social behavior because he was stopped.

T In Texas

It's absurd.

Texans will pay to put a man in jail for 36 years while they cut school funding.


Are members of the Stop The Offenders Program community volunteers or sworn officers?

Judy Biediger

I find this shocking. 36 years for a victimless crime; people get less for murder. Surely this sentence will be appealed.

Tomm Katt

Drug laws are useless and unfair as long as alcohol is legal. Now we pay to feed and house this guy so Conservatives can pat each other on the back and refuse to pay their fair share of taxes or bear responsibility for G.W and Dickey Boy crashing the economy.

Notch Johnson

This sentence is ridiculous. They hand out shorter sentences for killing people.


A really interesting verdict, lawbreaking is always a serious thing. I wonder though how as a society we justify non-life threatening crimes as severe as a homicide, abortion, robbery, molestation/abuse of innocent children, whom often, these criminals receive must less prison time or none at all? I am not condoning what this guy did or harshly attacking the jury. I am just concerned, common sense has died in America, all over, in every aspect of life...

are you kidding? you have a lot of maniacs out there in johnson county that torture abuse and kill animals just for fun and are set free. especially on bon fire outings, how can you compare this? especially on a first offense. I would not be so harsh and reconsider the sentence. I would go after the monster that persuaded him. that is my opinion. ftw.tx.


That's a stupidly harsh punishment. I hope the taxpayers enjoy paying for his imprisonment for so long.


JOHNSON COUNTY? To bad he wasn't white he could have gotten off with probation.

Only in Texas...or perhaps Bali...could we find a sentence with its judicial head jammed so damn far up it's penal ass.

Desurt Trippur

What a ludicrous misuse of the justice and prison systems. Just because he had a couple of measly ounces of a certain chemical compound, he gets turned into a hardened criminal by the prison system, and at the same time taxpayers have to feed and shelter him for up to 36 years (and pay for his parole care if he gets out early.) Then, when he gets out, he will most likely be on the dole still, since it's hard for ex-convicts to find jobs.

Jimmy Carter sure had it right when he said years ago, "Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself." Last I heard, snorting some cocaine won't put someone out of commission for 36 years. Granted, it's not the best thing to put in your body, but it should be your choice to do so. Remember, cocaine was once sold over the counter as a medical remedy, and don't forget Coca-Cola, which once contained cocaine and still contains coca leaf extract.

Too bad no one seemed to take Carter seriously. He was one of the more sensible presidents of recent decades.

It's time to END THE DRUG WAR, now!


Welcome to Texas, please leave your common sense at the State Line


Lawrence Singleton -- a drunken killer who in 1978 raped Mary Vincent and hacked off the Las Vegas teen's arms before leaving her near death in a culvert near Sacramento, Calif. was sentenced to 14 years and was let out on parole after 8.

Troy M

$36k x 38yr= about 1.5 million in taxpayer dollars to lock this guy up.

No prior offenses=not a career criminal
19 yrs in prison= psychopath and ruined life

Johnson county has some ignorant and CRUEL people. Bible belt? More like communist korea imo.


"Two ounces – that’s a large amount for Johnson County and the jury delivered quite a harsh sentence," said District Attorney Dale Hanna.

Thats what would be called a friday night, that is barely enough coke to last the night, god forbid you have other people around.

The drug war is lost, the public can find against non-violent drug offenses and save the tax payers money. Stop the war on drugs people FIND ALL NON-VIOLENT DRUG OFFENDERS NOT GUILTY!


Stupid. Drug laws are asinine. No one should be allowed to tell you what you can and cannot put into your own body.


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Typical double standard- read what I write, but "screw your rights"


Absurd. What a waste of money and life to keep anyone locked up for even 1 year, let alone 36. We already know that making an example of someone doesn't deter crime. Is this the land of freedom or fascist drug laws?


He might as well have murdered some police officers. 36 years if he does and 36 years if he doesn't.

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