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October 05, 2011


El Condor

"Comments are moderated and will not appear until the author has approved them." Well, Tom Uhler, approve this! Forbes Magazine is known for using minimum research with opinion-filled data as proof of its findings, so why should we question the validity of this article? It's the source. "Lubbock may be the unfortunate beneficiary of its location ...." Why not Amarillo? Why not Midland or Odessa? I can answer that. Your research is flawed. Actually, Lubbock has one of the finer police organizations in Texas, therefore, the reporting may suit your opinion-laden data sourcing. Look at Flint, Michigan. You might have that city correctly fitted, by accident, of course. My opinion is that there are more people in Flint who need to be shot in the head at point-blank range than any other city in the world. Tehran is in the world, right? I just figured that I would have to kiss your hind end in order to get my comment posted after reading that you had to approve it, so I put something in for "your reading pleasure" so you could disapprove it. By the way, I ask that you please refrain from passing my e-mail address along to those who promote penile enhancement. I need neither than nor Viagra.

Do the statistics mention how many crimes were committed
by minorities? I'd say it had to be Mexicans in Lubbock and
blacks in Detroit. If I'm right, then it's even more important
that we secure our border with Mexico.

April DeVore

My whole family lives in Lubbock

jack b. nimble

Illegal alien foreigners.

Tom Smith

Good reason to fight illegal drugs, illegal immigration, anchor babies, 3rd trimester vacations in the U.S., misunderstanding with the 14th ammendment and the ability of Congress to do their jobs instead of focusing on running for re-election while the Federal Government sues States for interptreting Federal Law. Who is in charge?
The war on drugs should start here, not by arming Foreign Governments whose questionable friendship is bought with taxpayer money.

Louis McBee

Notice that we don't get the actual information on Fort Worth!


The UCR is more complicated than this simple list. Some cities don't report their crime. Some cities don't report their crime data correctly. It's more political than one would expect and open to uninterruption in every sentence of the reporting instructions.

Don't believe for a minute you can walk the streets of Dallas or Houston or Lubbock and be more at risk than Lubbock.

wayne stephenson

It's what has been "let in" that makes it dangerous. Need a fence.


I am suprised that Dallas,Texas wasn't even on the list.

Danny Perez

This is the stupidest statistic Forbes has ever produced and you are all the stupidest white trash people I have ever heard. I am in El Paso TX right next to the most dangerous city in the world (Juarez Mexico). We also happen to be the safest city in the U.S. Violence does not leak over, hate cultivates violence. The most dangerous cities in TX happen to be Dallas and San Antonio. Educate your selves. Detroit is not the most violent city because of black people, it is the most violent because of the unemployment rate not to mention poverty. EDUCATE YOUR SELVES!


I think mkm's explaination is the most likely. These are just the cities that are accurately reporting crime in their communities.


Springfield Ill. No 3? Interesting...must be because of the crooks in the Illinois legislature!

lauren h

I have lived in Anchorage for more than 40 years. I have read above that these statistics are not to be taken as gospel, but even given perfect numbers I would not be surprised to find my home city in a top 20 list.

To those who think a border fence will solve this problem: please consider that, while Anchorage's crime is about as bad as that in many of the other worst cities, nobody got here by walking.

Steve Pritchett

I have a vested interest in Lubbock since my son attends TTU. I agree with El Condor in that the LPD is a fine PD as well as the TTU PD. Forbes may have skewed research in a disproportionate manner: UCR reporting is not exact and only as good as the quality of info submitted to the FBI (UCR is mandatory). Also any statistical analysis must build in the size of the baseline and carefully examine the bell curve taking into account standard deviation. And I also am a Fort Worth native and am routinely there as well as Lubbock. I'm proud of Chief Halstead and the fine FWPD. I am also an ex law enforcement officer (retired after 30 with the State). Crime is everywhere and is "relative" and arbitrary. When a UCR is generated, it may reveal a categorical definition of violent but during the subsequent adjudication may be a lesser offense. A much better indicator should be the Conviction Ratio of felony offenses. I will assure anyone who reads the findings of Forbes in this report that it is safe to jog, walk, bike ride etc. in Lubbock or Fort Worth. Please omit my eMail address as you indicate.


Sounds about right. Lubbock does host the trashiest fan base in all of college football whose school my pet monkey could graduate from.

Sir Walt

Lubbock PD sucks, all they do is try to bust college students for drinking instead of solving real crimes. If there ever was a joke of a police department it is this. I have lots of respect for the men and women who serve and protect every day, but to suggest that the Lubbock PD is anything above unsatisfactory is wrong. Most officers couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time, I'm sorry but its true.


Mr Forbes is linked to FOX NEWS (a bunch of hateful liars) and can't be trusted for accurate information ... most of it is biased and made up to prop up the rich's agenda.


Notice that we don't get the actual information on Fort Worth!

BRandi Wilkins

I live in Lubbock have all of my life seven years ago Lubbock was a safe and respectful community. and since we brought in the hurricane Katrina victims it has gone to hell. Our Nobel police officers are a thing of the past a few years ago we employed a convicted pedafile before that one officer raped a woman in his police car and months before that another officer was arrested for a DUI while driving the streets in his patrol car. Lubbock should be higher on the list if you ask mr.

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