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November 18, 2011



It's rather amazing ,to me at least,that i read of so many child molestors lately.i mean,even taking into account their abnormal desires,don't they have the common sense to realise that even one incident will likely land them in prison for several years? Seems to me that they'd repress action on those desires,for at least THAT reason if no other.

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If this is a true story and the Chiropractor in question is in fact guilty than it certainly seems like a good idea to make sure he does not practice anymore.

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We plan to bring our daughter to a chiropractor because she has a bad sleeping position and it gives her terrible back pain. I hope the chiropractor would not molest our daughter.

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If this is a real tale and the Chiropractic specialist in concern is actually accountable than it certainly seems like a excellent option to create sure he does not exercise any longer.

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