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November 07, 2011


Joey G. Dauben

Richard Arledge gave me an exclusive interview last year, and it's probably worth looking into just for the sure heck of knowing what his "side" of the story is.

The government might scoff at it, but there's a lot to it.


Here's a story for you. Coke is packed in a car by a car dealer put in a dealers acution bought by another car dealer (drug dealer) who is from out of state then transported (smuggled) on an 18 wheeler safely up noth with very little risk - truck driver doens't know its in there and everything seems pretty legit. Maybe the DEA's reading this, been going on for years right here in your metroplex, they'll get em one day.


why erase my comment? its a true story but fake email.


I met this person years ago. I have even been to his house once. I never would have guessed this. It's amazing how you don't really know somebody.

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