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November 11, 2011


Lawrence Sutherland

In this sentence, "frequent" should have been "frequented."

"The indictment accuses Pfc. Abdo, an AWOL soldier, of planning a July 27 attack where he would detonate explosives inside the restaurant, which was frequent by soldier from Fort Hood."


most muslims arnt bad but they are still ambilvalent - since they wont denounce their radical islamic leaders. they have a ways to go b4 there true americans.


s/b their.

aside. we, u.s. citizens, have spent 250 years or so building and financing our institutions of higer learning. why do we allow aliens student status from day 1 as a constitutional right? because they score higher in tests u.s. born citizens r forced out after they and their ancestors have financed these since 1776 and b4!!! even the foreigners think we are suckers!!!! if u r born in america u have no more rights, status, etc and more than someone from ethiopia. what r u going to do about it?

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