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December 20, 2011


JW Ney

Wow what can you say about this guy. He should never see freedom again. This is a capital crime and he has earned a trip to the death chamber.

Sandy Burton

That is dispicable... really shocked that he fatally shot a person that was trying to help, very sad.


CJ performer as good Samaritan and someone I would hope to be there for me in the time of trouble and i feel compassion towards his family. He did what many would never consider to do and get out and help stragers in a time of need.. And poor Najee, minding his own business obeying the law, innocent and now dead because of the heartless action of Harper. Peace to Najees and CJs family and friends. What a pitiful animalistic response to a helping neighbor. Najee and CJ should have been the ones standing over the dead body of Harper and tending to the toddlers. Imagine the savings in tax payer dollars and CJ
would live to help another day. This is cut and dry. Get this over today and I will gladly volunteer to throw the switch.


No ,don't segregate this mutha u know what, he said he'.ll do it again, plus he knows what he did, no reason for a mental check.

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