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December 19, 2011


Ralph Lauren

Or a police force that arrests anyone with alcohol on their breath

Yasmien Nirvana

Aw... that's disappointing ;o


But, they keep letting them off.


Fort Worth would be #1 if Fort Worth cops arrested their fellow cops. But they always let them go, while the public doesn't get that same courtesy.

Also the city depends upon the labor detail to operate. And those guilty of DWI contribute hours of free labor to the city.

It's a corrupt city.


Seems to me you are all in favor of the cops easing up on DWI patrols/arrests. God forbid any of your loved ones are ever hurt or killed by drunk drivers. And as for the comment they arrest everyone with alcohol on their breath....takes more than that to get a DWI conviction, but nice try.


DUIs are serious and drunk driving can be lethal. However, these numbers suggest what we all have been aware of for some time. Fort Worth and Tarrant County are (and have been) more focused on traffic citations than keeping down crime. The focus of our law enforcement, nationwide, has been changed to writing tickets for traffic violations. Why? Because it is quick and easy revenue. Actually stopping crime doesn't pay the bills. Shame. Law Enforcement is now a joke with a badge.


Thats because look for every reason possible to pull you over just hoping for a bigger catch. More people get pulled over in Texas than any other state.

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