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December 14, 2011


I saw it

Gunman is dead.


People are crazy! What is the world coming to?

"The" OSU

Escalade driver needs to be executed.


With that area, Is anyone suprised by this shooting ? Just hope the kids are OK..


IF it's true the gunman is dead that is a good thing, TIRED of spending money to house and feed these idiots.


killing a good samaritan??? Eternity is gonna seem like forever for that one

hopefully the kids will forget or block out what they saw

Jerome Williams

Damn shame; 3 men will not be coming home tonight, 2 permanently.


Wow, I can't believe this happened right down the street where I live.

What is the world coming to?

Terry Musgrave

omg what was that person thinking with that many people being hurt and killed and kids involved and shooting at who you please so sad


Don't give a flying flock what excuses this guy has, he needs to be ERASED from this planet, while we are still made up of mostly humans.

John S

Escalade driver needs to be soaked in gasoline and torched while still alive while being dragged down the street with a thick chain tied around his neck, and another chain attached to his ankles, with the other end of THAT chain attached to the bumper of an Escalade driving in the opposite direction of the first vehicle. Each said vehicle should travel a about 1 MPH.

THEN take whats left of him, tie it in a bundle, hang said bundle from the nearest lamp post for the buzzards to finish off. NO funeral expenses.


that's the problem with people these days they don't think they just take action without thinking of the consequences or who they hurt. if they only put themselves in those peolples shoes. my prayers go out to all that were involved in this terrifing accident. may GOD bring peace and comfort to the families.


Richard Alpert should have a field day with this case.

cheyenne h

he shot my friend Clarence Robinson Formosa reason i can't beloved in peace babyboy


Two important questions need to be answered about this; was the gun used legally purchased and did the man have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Cathy B

Condolences and prayers to the families and friends of the two innocent men who died.


Im a Leasing Agent and i was working off of Green Oaks and collins not too far from the seen. I didnt see anything but i did hear the sirens and received a telephone cal regarding the incident from one of my residents. My main concered were the children and the individuals families that were killed and injured. Justice will be served.


he should not be able to bail but he is $555,000.00 !!!!! peolpe are crazy and dumb !!

kayla e.

who knows why this man did what he did,To all of you who wished death on this man this could have easily been your son,brother,or family member, would you wish the same hateful wishes on him then? This man clearly shows signs of a mental break down or some type of mental illness. Do i want to spend my taxes dollars housing and feeding this man, NO, but it's clear he need some type of help. wishing death on any human makes you no better then him.we tend to want to fix things only God can fix. death isn't always the answer. i pray for all that was affected by this, YES even the shooter... God will handle the rest.. GOD BLESS

cosaundra chapple

Sometime our actions affect others for a lifetime.

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