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January 27, 2012



Officer Fossett intended to arrest Tesi on outstanding traffic warrants. How did the officer know about the outstanding warrants? Don't the police have to pull you over and run your drivers license?


I believe Mr. Tesi. I live in the Colleyville area and never have been arrested or had any trouble with the police in my life. But I am amazed how the Colleyville police harass citizens and abuse power worse than any other city I have ever seen. They need a house cleaning at the Colleyville PD from top to bottom.


Man, this lawyer is a BIGGER NUT than the defendant's. I would like to know just where Tesi get all of his money to attempt to pull crap like this.

Bob Witmer

Has Test ever had a Mental Evaluation?

He sounds like a Paranoid-Schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur.

What's more pathetic, is the lawyer's ludicrous defense of the nutcase.

Does he chase sirens in his spare time?


Unfortunately, I live in the same neighborhood as this 'wacko' that has posted no trespassing signs taped to his sidewalks and now installed perimeter security cameras around his house. I have avoided his street when walking my kids just because the'wacko' may just randomly shoot. I feel worse for the neighbors living next to him. We are all outraged he was out on bond after the shooting.

Notch Johnson

I think he should go with an insanity defense.

Thomas Tesi

Please refain from comment unless you are informed of the facts of this case, which none of you are. Does anyone posting have a college or graduate degree. Seems unlikely. Steve Norder, why didn't you post that the DA in their closing arguments instructed the jury to disregard the evidence of the case and focus on James Tesi's writings. How can a jury come to a evidence based conclusion of guilt or innocence if they fail to comprehend, digest, or in this case even consider the evidence that officer Fossett shot a man in the head while that man was engaged on a cellular call, holding his phone in his right hand. The only witness to the event to testify gave sworn testimony that directly conflicted with that of the shooting officer. It appears Steve that you have little interest in the truth or facts of the case, but are rather just a mouth peace for corrupt police. If that is your intent, so be it. If you seek the truth, review the evidence of the case prior to posting. By the way, James Tesi may have (Testimony of officer Sanders who we believed perjured herself during her testimony, and not that of a tape as you reported ) stated he would have rather died at home, only after he was mortally wounded in the head, bleeding profusely, being refused adequate medical treatment by the police, and believing that he would die in custody or of inadequate medical care.

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