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January 30, 2012


A Facebook User

Sounds like he is saying that because he has a order from the Jp's office he has the right to have a shoot out with the warrant officer.. OMG What has this world come to, that instead of showing the paper work, and going through the proper channesl, a man can shoot at an officer.

Yul Grant

I knew doctor tesi, he was in a wedding in our family. A genius and a man of traditional character, no nonsense. Of course you would question the escalation of a contention over a seat belt violation to shooting down a Doctor and professor, a clinician sworn to help others and comming home from work in his surgical scrubs. Knowing the doctor, he frustrated someone well. He is an intellect and can frustrate those below him, maybe someone short tempered to the level they would chase him beyond their lines and beyond reason to within his very own home. Anytime a seatbelt violation, of a person of this calibre leads to their being shot, when noone else is - questioning it really isnt even enough. This is the kind of crazy stuff that ends with corrupt individuals trying to eliminate someone while they are behind bars - if it were no so insane a situation with so much he said she said speculation I would not believe that.

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