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January 27, 2012


Matt Hall

So, is the attorney Hardin or Hudson?
Great editing.


Who is Hardin? Hudson is listed as both the prosecutor and defense attorney.


Who is Tesi's attorney...Ronald Hudson or some guy named Hardin? Not that this story is all that interesting but maybe you could list the "Cast Of Characters" at the beginning.


Hudson or Hardin?

Tom Tucker

"Has this country suspended our rights to believe what we want?" he asked. "We are free to state our opinion whether someone likes it or not."

Lawyers, ya gotta' love 'em. Sure, you have the right to believe anything you want. That doesn't make it true. And, by the way, if you break the law, you still go to jail. Believe it or not.

Bob Witmer

So, who is Hardin? You never introduced his role in the trial.

From the gist of the article, I assume he's a Prosecutor.

Did you replace Jim Hudson's name with Hardin's?



I went to the State Bar of Texas to see if I could sort the cast of characters.

Prosecutor - Jim Hudson checks out
Tesi's Attorney - Ronald Hudson checks out
Tesi's Defense Attorney - Hardin (no first name given by ST). There are numerous Hardin attorneys, but no Ronald Hardin, which I thought the writer may have just written the incorrect last name. There is, however, a Ronald Harden.

My conclusion is I am confused and so is Steve Norder. lol


Tessi's attorney is Ronald Harden! The Tarrant County prosecutor is James Hudson!

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