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January 24, 2012



That's one way to get out of jury duty...


Once again some are more equal than others. Bailiffs are armed,likely the judges are armed, and the attorneys. Yet a CCP holder is arrested for being armed; for the fault of the court building not having a secure area for jurors to lock up their LEGALLY carried gun.
Perhaps it's time to claim an exemption to jury duty if you hold a ccp. The govt. can't deny you the right to be secure in your travels. Nor can they require you to place yourself at risk while answering a summons to jury duty.

Surly Curmudgen

Citizens with no criminal record should be able, at will, to carry, concealed or open, any firearm they please, hand gun or long gun, anywhere they please without let or hindrance by government authorities.

Surly Curmudgen

Visualize this, you enter the court room and in looking at the jury box you see several jurors with either rifles or shotguns leaning against their thighs, a couple of them moving the hand gun from their hip to their lap so they can sit comfortably, one juror leaning forward enough that you can see he carries concealed.

Now do you feel threatened or do you feel pretty dog-gone safe?


who will be selected for jury duty for her trial

Joe Voter

The fact that she willingly put her purse in to be scanned implies she simply forgot to take the handgun out of her purse and leave it at home / locked in her car.

Here's a woman who isn't trying to get out of jury duty like most liberal slobs, and in her haste to be on time for court she simply forgot which purse she was carrying.

Give her a $25 fine, and an award for being a good citizen looking to do jury duty.

Otherwise, the DA AND THE SHERIFF SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE for hounding good citizens.


What was she thinking lol... In Australia that is all it would take for another government enforced set off restrictions with the obligatory "buy back" of those evil black guns... Gotta love your 2nd amendment protections!

Bob Witmer

They should have lockers for the CCL holders to store their weapons while in Court?


She wanted real tought justice


@anona: If she had left the pistol locked in the trunk of her car after she arrived this would not have happened. And if she has a CCP one of the first things you are taught is where you can and cannot carry your firearm. Courthouses are high on the list.

A Hollerich

Ok wait.. I get that she is a legal carrier.. but there are rules. We should make special arrangements for her to not have to follow the rules?


The cops don't write the gun laws. They just enforce the law and do their jobs.

Write Senator Wendy. She will come pick up your guns so you won't make the same mistake.


Oh but you can LEGALLY CARRY in the TEXAS STATE CAPITOL???? Do a search on the FEMA camps in the U.S. and read a little about that


Yeah great idea, allow people to carry a weapon into a court house where they have easy access to any court room. Even the court room where a guy whom is about to get the death penalty and has had a detailed planned escape foiled and let her potentially toss him a loaded weapon or maybe be the victims family and shoot the person on trial.
Get real folks a CCL dosent/shouldnt give you a right to carry everywhere. Baliffs carries weapons for everyones safety inside the justice center


Another assenine law penalizing someone who had no ill intent. Where has our common sense gone?

Let's hope the judge has more common sense than the cop.


wasn't there an attorney who brought a pistol into the courthouse in his briefcase also detained when it was found. However, charges were later dropped because it was an "accidental oversight" on his part??? Why the double standard?

Common Sense Gun Owner

Have the citizens of Fort Worth already forgotten when one person was killed in the Court of Appeals by an armed gunman just a few years ago? Another person was injured, but he lived.

Thank you, Sheriff's Deputies, who work so hard every day to keep Tarrant County citizens safe. Thank you, Texas Legislature, for making it illegal to carry a gun into a courthouse as there is no reason in law or commonsense for the average citizen to think he or she will need to become part of a "well-regulated militia" inside a courthouse.

I'm all for guns, gun rights, and lawful/responsible hunting. But I don't want to show up to jury duty and worry that some convicted capital murder will be able to jump into the jury box and grab my Glock and start killing more people. I'll leave my firearms at home, thank you.


SHe might have been a little loaded in that photo.


It's posted on signs there that you can't bring a weapon there. It's her own fault for bringing it in. Sorry, gun owners...when it says don't do it, don't do it. When the sign says 55 MPH, you go 55 or get a ticket. When the sign says no smoking, you don't smoke. The rules are there, they're legal and they apply to everyone.


This is a complete disgrace. Not only are our female citizens subjected to these cowardly acts of disarmament,but ALL ILLEAGAL IMMIGRANTS in Tarrant County are free to come and go as they please into the Criminal Courts Building.
I served jury duty there in June. It was a Felony DWI, AN iLLEAGAL ALIEN with 2 priors and HE WALKED!! NOT GUILTY !!
Repeated calls and emails to the Sheriff were never answered.

Derek Cooper
Republican candidate for State Rep., District 95

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