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January 31, 2012



i was there and saw all the news people there and his body get taken away i live in the rain tree apt. the cops seem to have found something in the creek behind the place because the news crews went to see what was going on. theres alot more to the story that no one is telling. But i would really love to know who he was.

angel johnson

@kendra its none of your bisness on who he is. all you need to is that he was a good kid and we never saw him doing this. we miss him so much so can you just shut up and leave this alone unless you know him you should not be woundering who he is!!!


I knew him.he was a close friend of mines little was a tragedy what happened..truly.


So sad. Always tragic when a young one takes their own life. It is hard to ever stop wondering. What was so wrong, what could have been done to help, why didn't they ask for help. Go bless him, his family and friends.


we all dont knw why he had done this but iknw imiss him very dearly &iwanna knw what was going thru his head he more than enough friends that would of talkd him out of doing this.. we love you BHK ALLDAY!


I never said anything wrong so go some one to jump at me is really rude I wanted to know who it was so I would know if it was someone I knew so back the hell off.. I was there and seen everything not the jump so I posted what I saw. I understand it is hard I lost 2 family members close to me in Jan they took there own life so I do understand the coming from but you had no right to snap at me and im very sorry for you loss and I even put a candle down and flowers for him which they removed everything like 2 weeks ago. There's nothing wrong with me wanting to know who he was


Burhan Kareem a good kid that went through some tough times in his last few months alive but no one will forget him .R.I.P. Burhan

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