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January 27, 2012


Jackson Mekhoff

Anytime a person is nefariously taken and subjected to God-knows-what fate, it is a tragedy but I have to ask, why are you calling her a "girl"? Isn't it just to provoke a more emotional response from your readers? Obviously, being unmarried and three months pregnant, we understand that she was anything but wholesome and pure but playing with words won't make her disappearance any worse than it already is.

Anna Green

You are pretty judgmental, Mr. Mekhoff. Does it really matter what she is called, as long as her family gets the word out that she is missing?


@Jackson Mekhoff: Are we reading the same article? I have read it twice and nowhere in it the young woman referred to as anything but a young woman. And the article does not state the police believe there was foul play involved as you are insinuating. However it would help if there were a photo of the young woman with the story to help concerned citizens such as you and I recognize her and report her whereabouts to the authorities.

Kathy Vetter, Star-Telegram

From the editors: We changed the headline from "girl" to "woman" as per our style. The initial headline was in error. I apologize for failing to note the correction in the post so that @Jackson Mekhoff's comment would make sense.

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