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January 20, 2012



Glad they finally got him.

San Juanita

So why this evil monster spawn of satan free?


Fled before sentencing?? But we found him in another state? What is wrong with US...TEXAS??!

I Know

Lots of unanswered questions? For instance, who were the City of Kechi Law Enforcement Personnel that were associated with him, or hanging out at his compound? It will probably be like taking the lid off of a can of worms. As I recall, the Ark Valley News article, "Castro cozy with cops", date 02/16/2012 stated that Lou Castro, now known to be one Daniel U. Perez, attended a Kechi City Council Meeting with then Kechi Police Chief Michael Morland. Was the donation towards the purchase of a new Chevy Tahoe for the Kechi Police department shortly after Patricia Hughes' death really just a donation, or was it somethinh else? Who were these Kechi Law Enforcement Personnel that were hanging out at this man's compound? Let their names be published for all to see. It would appear that certain people might have been looking the other way or just didn't care? Just a personal observation, and opinion. Let the truth come out.

I Know

Finally the Trial Date has been set for this monster. The Trial Date for Daniel U. Perez is March 31, 2014 in Sedgwick County District Court in Kansas. Maybe the truth about the Police Chief who was a frequent guest at Perez's compound will come out. Lots of unanswered questions about this Police Chief's behavior at some of the parties. After the trial is over maybe some indictments against some of the law enforcement officers and other people who were hanging out with Daniel U. Perez will be handed down.

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