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February 22, 2012


Shana Rowan

It was not the sex offender's house. He is the son of the caretaker of the house. There were several other adults living there at the time. He is not a suspect. His crime was sexual contact with a 15 year old girl when he was 19 or 20. No force or coercion. Suddenly this story is a lot less interesting huh? It took me 5 minutes to find all of that out. Do your homework before copying and pasting from the Associated Press.

A Facebook User

Ok, I have read and seen some sick stuff before, but this one takes the cake. How many adults were in this house?

A Facebook User

It’s not the sex offender part that gets me; it’s the 11 children, 10 adults living in a 1700 sq foot house and the condition that they found the children in. There is more going on then the sex offender part.


Shana...."Suddenly this story is a lot less interesting huh?"
Are you serious? that is the very attitude that has sent some defenseless children to an early, horrific grave. IT IS INTERESTING and we should ALL be paying attention...
so there is more to the story... I get that, and thank you for trying to bring forward what clearly the author of this piece should have revealed, though I can't help but go back to how many children are in this house and the conditions in which they were kept..restrained to the filthy bed????? My heart breaks for these children. I hope they are able to be placed in good homes and finally experience the true meaning of unconditional love...I pray their spirits are not completely broken.


It does'nt matter whos residence it was, there is no excuse for those children to be restrained like that! Also, what was the pitiful excuse of the black eye and the knocked out tooth? Those children are not animals they are human beings and I hope that every single adult in that house was arrested and will be charged with "ABUSE".


you must be related to these people. poor kids and a child being tied up. and a child with a black eye and muissing tooth Really??????????

Darlyncia Smiley

Yeah Shana, are you serious, i dont care waht you say about the sex offender. The question is why are these poor children being restrained and being physical abused. Hunh????



Read the Houston Chronicle story and then come back and tell us the story doesn't matter. Right now, ALL the adults are suspect.

It was the sex offender's home because that was the address he listed as home.

Jackson Mekhoff

I find it absolutely disgusting that anybody would try to be an apologist (Shana) for these feral humans. Anybody trying to make excuses for this filth is far less than human and deserves to be treated as a pariah for the rest of their life.


Shana.... related to those same people in the house. People like you make me sick.... and angry!


Shana, please get a soul!

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