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February 28, 2012


Cathy Withers

What a shame this is if it's true. I know Mr. McDaniel and he taught all 3 of my sons. They all thought highly of him. My youngest even defended him to the principle in 2009 and now he feels betrayed because McDaniel's isn't the man he appeard to be. It's a tragedy and a betrayal if a teacher crosses this line.


Fry Him!


Eighteen year old adults don't belong in high schools as students.


He was a creep back in 1998-99 as a coach/teacher at my high school... I see nothing has changed.


He was a great teacher. Best English teacher ever. Those slutty girls knew messing around with a married teacher was wrong! I'm sorry, I am just tired of people bashing this teacher.

John R De Lude

Life & a day in SOLITARY confinement will give him all the time he needs to think about his perverse crimes.


Yep...figures. I graduated in 99 and he didn't waste any time trying to get with me as soon as I walked across that stage. I think the only reason he didn't try while I was still in school is because my mom worked at the high school I attended.

John Doe

one of the girls was the Valedictorian of the senior class too!


mart06: So the adult has no blame huh? He signed an oath, the girls were persuaded. What he did was illegal, what they did was an act of their own victimization. You clearly don't understand, because you were a toady of his. He is a criminal and he groomed kids like you so he could have sexual relationships with students. Do some reading on the subject (sex in power relationships) and search your heart about what you learned in class. Anyone can explain a book, he should have taught you to write, of course then he would have to grade it.


Second Degree Felony!!?.... for an adult and another adult having sexual relations with eachother but one was a teacher.... that just sounds ridiculously overrated. Doesnt it take two to tango right? So obviously the two FEMALE ADULTS are just as guilty as Mr. Mcdaniel. Why dont the two FEMALE ADULTS get the sam punishment as the OTHER ADULT.. excluding the fact that he was JUUUSSSTTT a teacher. Clearly if hes been there since 1999 so to say, he obviously doing HIS! job as a teacher which is teaching. What ever goes on outside of work is strickly an individuals business. But I see that people now days are just as stupid and easily manipulated by everyone elses judgement, in which I find so hilarious!!. But I will say this, I find nothing wrong with this so called problem and think this situation should be looked over again from a realistic point of view with someone who isnt the same as everyone else.


LibertyLover - excuse me? Students who start school at the required age turn 18 during their senior year. Should they drop out on their birthday instead of graduating?


Funny how someone, in this case McDaniel, has not even been proven guilty. Yet, I read the above postings and there are so many that are automatically accussing him as if he was guilty. I am older, but not to long ago in high school. I am not saying these girls are lying but there are 2 sides and I have seen girls and guys do things beacuse they're wanting attention they are not getting from the person they want it from. I wonder how many of us are living in glass houses casting stones ... not very smart if you ask me! I am a female, I have seen peoples lives be ruined because of them falsy being accussed of such things as the above story and I have seen some of these stories to be true. I think that people should wait for the investigation to be completed before judgeing. Shame on him if it is true as he is the Teacher and shouldnt have conducted himself in such a manner. Let alone he is married as well. But if it is not true, Shame on all the hateful pre-judger's and the awful things they have said as it not only affects him but his wife and 3 sons! I pray this is not a true outcome and we see a man that does have good values and practices them and did not participate in such acts. A man who I know loves his family dearly and God, putting them first. To the girl that made the comment of walking across the stage ... dont flatter yourself. You are messing with someone's life. Someone saying 'Hi' to you when they see you doesnt mean they want to get with you. It is called being polite. I hope you find your self-esteem!


I for one don't have to wait for his guilt to be proven. I know of two girls from my school that openly admitted to it back in '99. Coach McDaniel also had no problem bragging about it once we graduated and he considered some of they guys "pals".


Well, LJ, was he found guilty then? It didnt even make the news. Back then, not that it would have been right, McDaniel was not even married at the time and I am sure he behaved differently from at the age of 22 verses who he is now at 36. I know I am not the same person as who I was when I was in my early twenty's to who I am in my early thirtys. Did you speak on these 2 girls behalfs when it happened back then, I doubt it. Were you there when the acts happened or did you see cold hard facts? Let me guess, just because these 2 girls openly admitted made it true? I knew 3 girls in school that openly said they had been with someone and it was false. One of them finally broke down once they saw the damage they created to the person accussed and their family. All because one of the girls were mad at the individual for not giving her the attention she wanted from him. A whold different meaning to 'Mean Girls'. I hope for you someday, that you can stop being so Narrow Minded. Good luck and may God Bless You.


For all of you who say that its not that bad because both girls were adults, how do you feel about him having sex in his classroom? In the same classroom where your might children go to learn someday?
I know that the administration knew all about it too. After his last accusation he was switch to all senior classes and his debate team was taken away to reduce his exposure to YOUNGER girls. Beverly and Blanca should be ashamed

Natasha Santiago

Honestly, I went to that school last year and I didn't have him as a teacher but anyways back to my point he is disgusting for doing that and uh the girl is even damn well nastier knowin he has a wow and kids but obviously he wanted it anyways but either way they didn't need to do that. I'm lucky I left that school because now it looks bad on everybody that goes there trying to get an education and all that stuff. But it's better off without him there. The security guards are just as bad there too cause they don't care what goes on. That's all I'm saying though ain't trying to put too much out in this world.

Make Ugly Kelly STOP

Um, Kelly were you one of his "special" friends? Your comments make it seem so. You are the mean girl, calling those innocent victims such horrible names. Just as he has not yet been found guilty, neither has he been proven innocent. Innocent until prove guilty is only in a court of law. I don't need to wait either. I knew him and he was a creep. Now stop picking on the victims and those that share their opinions. That is what the comments section is for.


All I goto say here is I went to Sam and sam is one of the worst schools ever when I was in their the teachers wouldn't care if you fell asleep oh stayed up to learn and wouldn't care to help you just and I'm also worried for my Lil sister that it's a 9th grader as soon as we herd this my mom got soo worried imagein how many families are worried for their daughters sons well just the other they my sister walked in the house and said I'm mad we talked bout it and she said her teacher told her she's n idiot and grabbed her head as if she was looking for her brains I always check her school stuff nd help her when needed and she has a and more bs couple cs but she dose good in school and. It got me upset cause when I was their they would say racial stuff like why don't you go back home land but and get suspended for telling them. Bitch this my homeland and also fights wow all around the campus like if it was allowed that school allows it till you fight just to give you a ticket I hate Sam Houston with passion for bein such dumb school they should close down that school

Texas CJ

What a deluded self absorbed predator. Layers and layers of complex denial and justification must be perfectly manifested to result in a person such as yourself. Not to mention a strong propensity towards addictive, compulsive and destructive behaviors. I have worked with sex offenders for 20 years and typically find that is the common brain chemistry. In your case, this is coupled with a fierce egomania and grandiosity plus an endless pool of potential "partners". The 2003 law defining educator/student relations is your friend, and I agree - you really have done nothing illegal. Or barely nothing. At the very worse, probation and a new teaching position will be in your future. The term sexual predator is used pejoratively to describe a " person seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual encounters with another person in metaphorically predatory manner. I read the comments posted on several news sites and either lots and lots of young women are lying or you have been successfully "teaching" for many, many years.


I have to agree with Kelly. Just because McDaniel may have been polite to you doesn't mean he was "into" you. A lot of girls out there have very low self esteem, and feel that if a man gives them any kind of attention, it's because they like them. I truly believe he did nothing of what he's being accused of. He is completely and utterly in love with his wife and children. These girls need self esteem, counseling, and perhaps more attention from their parents.

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