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February 08, 2012



What a load of nonsense. Please report accurately. The man is an ex sex offender and as well as that he is nt wanted for any other offense than failing to sign an unconstitutional piece of paper. high risk sex offender my ass, 95% of sex offenders never reoffend! When are you journalists going to stop this stupid nonsense? RSODL (Rehabilitated Sex Offenders Defense League)


In my world, you show your pecker to an 11 year old girl one time and your dangerous...forever. He's a bad dude anyway, got lots of other crimes to his credit. RSODL indeed, 95% of rattle snakes want to slither away under the gonna take that chance that you won't get bit? I didn't think so.


Once a pedophile, always a pedophile


no such thing as an ex either are or you arent a piece of trash.....he is trash...and my guess is that you are too


RSODL you must be a sex offender yourself to post something like that. The man's a scumbag and didn't follow the terms of his probation. He should have been sent to prison when he was convicted. My constitutional rights and those of my children and grandchildren outweigh this pig's right to be free. Your's also. The only reason I can think of defending someone like this is because you're him or you're another sex offender.


Wow RSODL... I think you should be more accurate when you are demanding accuracy! Sex offenders have a very high recidivism rate, depending on how you break it down categorically (age, type of offense). This man obviously has some ISSUES if he's burning kids' feet, don't you think? If you have to be ashamed, and hide, don't commit the offense, duh!


The constitution wasn't made for to protect perverts that severly scar other people for life. We have to protect ourselves against these types of people.

Normal Norman

The only rehabilitated sex offender is a dead sex offender.


Wow just saw this and did my background the only reason this trash is filth he is guilty and needs to rot under the jail. He guilty and that can't be taken away it's public record eveidence he plead guilty for a lessor charge I believe he should not have been given the option! Oh well I hope he rots in hell where he belong

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