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February 01, 2012


Yul Grant

Unbelievable Dr. Tesi was a good guy, helped thousands. Oppossed to any kind of drug abuse and a bit old fashioned in values. at just over 5 feet tall and 130 pounds he was opinionated but civil, not impossing and tolerant of even the most intolerable patients. How in the world his opposition (however odd)to a traffic or seatbelt law led to him being gunned down (shot in the foot and then in the face) in his own garage while stepping from his fiances truck is incomprehensible. This is more ridiculous when it was by a warrant officer completely out of jurisdiction. Knew him on a professional level, he was kind to his patients, published research and among the top in his field. Impressive as a professor, he did love a good debate. I knew he had purchased a gun and feared more from the police than others - given his stature. This guy was never actually in a fight, and never actually shot anyone. Why would a trained professional escalate a seatbelt law to cornering a man in his own garage far out of jurisdiction? Sounds like someone was pretty pissed off at the good Doctor. Maybe "Buckle up or we will shoot off your face" can be their new bulleten board. The exaggerated portrayal of Dr Tesi is complete hyp. Our family knew him well.

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