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February 29, 2012


Leroy Smith

OK, we get it. Let this story die.

Tom Allen

Much to do about nothing..Waste of tax payers money.Really got alot of bad people off the street.....


I bet they used those guns to shoot birds and stuff. Crazy.


Two pounds...? Really...Two pounds...? Like a regular Miami Vice right here in Cowtown!

Rusty White

What is missing from these numbers from our "public servants", is how much did this "dog and pony" show cost the tax payers?

"" 4 months"" how many officers, what kind of expenses? How many man hours, vehicles etc... Anybody want to bet it cost more than the 17000 dollars being claimed due to the bust???


This is so petty. Wow, why so much law enforcement time and money spent on this? And why is the star making this seem so grand?


What else did they steal -I mean confiscate? "Take anything of value boys! Iphones, computers, money, guns..."


This is a non-story. Seems the police are trying to justify a botched raid. Show any other school where the kids don't take a few tokes from a pipe.

Instead, the police are more interested in ruining the lives of these kids over a poor decision these kids made. These will stay on their record permanently, making them nearly unemployable.

If the police want to show they are doing real police work, how about arresting illegals stealing services and using fraudulent IDs and paperwork.


What a complete waste of the police's time and taxpayer's money


6 months and this is all there was? Hardly a big time drug ring. What a waste of tax dollars.


Lordy. I could take you a couple of places tonight and find 100 times worse than this. The people running it would take you out with ice picks just for the hell of it. Why do we keep hearing about this silly waste of time rounding up these kids? When is it SMU's turn? Don't believe for one second they don't have the same problems.

backing the blue

this was a good thing that FWPD did. this is in our back yard from students gaining an incredible education while infecting the area with drugs. what if they had sold to your college age kids? how would you feel about that? just because they are college students/football players makes them no less punishable than some thug selling on the street. these people are more likely to come into contact with everyday teens/young adults so they are "bad people" in good disguises, well not good enough.

Kathy Vetter, ME/Digital

Thanks to everyone for commenting. We're not going to approve comments that contain profanity, even when it's "disguised" with a couple of # signs (we're hip to that), so if you want to have your say, keep it clean.


Although this did take way more time than should have to is still a crime to possess drugs. Whether 2 lbs or 200. All the uproar seems to be because it's good ol' TCU and they can do no wrong. I'm sure mommy and daddy's money will sweep this under the table anyway.


I wish they would run a "drug sting" for 6 months at THE University of Texas and see what the results were...

In my opinion, if FWPD has 6 months to build a case on a "drug operation" and this is the most they can get, then TCU doesnt have much of a drug problem. Either FWPD is incompetent (they did accuse the wrong person in one case) or TCU is a really conservative place.

Dallas DWI Lawyer

Although it was not a huge thing but its significance can't be undermined, from now on, those kids would deter from indulging in those kind of illegal activities and intoxicants.


Consider this....there are two elementary schools on the TCU campus. Drugs were being sold near those school children and in public places where families work, eat, and buy groceries. The investigation started because the community, TCU students, staff, and parents filed multiple complaints about the on going drug activity. The FWPD did not start this. They responded to complaints. So the next time your neighbor has a party or gets drunk and urinates in your bushes in broad daylight and your kids are outside playing and you call the police for help, consider how upset YOU would be if they said, "sorry, it's a waste of taxpayer money for us to investigate and's just your neighbor getting drunk. That's not a big deal.". I bet you would be furious and complaining about that too. Why only a small amount was seized? They are drug dealers not suppliers. They sell what they have and just like any other business, they sell out daily. So why not stop being critical from your sofa and get involved in your community and really make a difference. Because words are empty and hollow. Especially in blogs like this.


@ June: If you're worried about your children seeing college kids urinating in your lawn you probably shouldn't live near a college campus. simple as that.

Rusty White

I would ask everyone to google "drugwarfacts" and drugwarvictims" and educate yourself with the truth! We have been self medicating sense the beginning of time, through trial and error over "thousands of years, we knew what one could use and what one could not! Now our young are being forced to thing that will kill them, how is that a good thing?

How many of these kids had 4oz or less, and were given tickets instead of being arrested, as the Law Allowes?



this is so stupid. how about you investigate something that affects other people rather than weed. how about obama completely giving all of our tax dollars to people who dont give a care about working? drug test those low lives you dumb-cursewords.

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