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March 28, 2012



based on what we know of this incident today, do you think this rally is appropriate?


I think it is foolish for pastors to be a part of rushing to judgement in this case. Unarmed he was, yes....Other side of the story: he trespassed in a gated community....and even if he knew someone there, he was walking unescorted by a resident - which is required in a gated community. Upon confrontation - he beats up the confronter....defensive wound pictures to prove it. I think the random marches are setting back the civil rights movement by decades - and I'm seeing a bunch of ugly "reverse" racism in this process. So much for progress.

Notch Johnson

I'll be there supporting Zimmerman.

Thomas Sullivan

What did Zimmerman do wrong? He used deadly force to defend himself from a violent attack. If more people defended themselves in this manner there would be less violent attacks by criminals, and crime would fall.


Enough with the "unarmed" fallacy! He had TWO arms, both of which were slamming Zimmerman's head into the ground.


The Illinois Congressman was ejected for wearing a hoodie in the chambers, and yet racist division tactics continues when the all the facts have yet come to light. Obama was way out of bounds with his comment...a knee jerk reaction.


What a Joke -- A Wannabe Gangster Killed iN ACT OF vIOLENCE -- If The Shoe Fits !!

cw dean

hi my name is cw dean i l know the stand my ground law do not apply in this case the law need to be appeal and stop such a law to be in place to put citizens and police in harms way also the law were suppose to protect women in a self defense against abuse and also challenge the rule why would you need and when all you ever had were a birth certificate and social security card start appealing the law.


neighborhood watch police should never have guns and never been approved too take the kind of force Zimmerman did, he should have been arrested on the spot and charged with a HATE CRIME. Now we are looking at NO JUSTICE AND NO PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Kelly



Jerry Goodwin

Do any of you people have jobs?

Brent Mydland

Will there be a joint rally for Mark Gregory who also died in east Fort Worth under very questionable circumstances? He too was unarmed and died at the hands of a bigot, but the prosecutors never brought up race at his trial. Please have Lester and Silk discuss this tragedy as well.


Why did Zimmerman continue to track him and follow him after being told EXPLICITLY by 911 Not To?


Why is the 17yr old in Florida that was found guilty of two murder charges not being charged with hate crimes?

Keith H

Wish i could be there to support Zimmerman.

Barry Richey

In a small town in Oklahoma about a week ago a terrible crime happened that has'nt made national headlines ! A young black man broke in to Mr & Mrs Straits home , raped and murdered the woman and severely beat the man . The couple were in their 80's !The suspect has already been arrested but the media chooses not to talk about this crime of hate !

Allison Tidwell

It's obvious that some of you posting have not really paid attention to the facts in the case. For one, Trayvon's dad and his fiance lived in the gated community and since Trayvon was staying with his dad at the time, he had a right to be in the community. Secondly, the police footage of Zimmerman at the police station in handcuffs shows no visible signs of any lacerations to the head or nose, as Zimmerman claimed, nor are there any grass stains or anything on his clothing to indicate that he had been in a struggle with Trayvon. Thirdly, the Medical Examiner stated that there were no bruises or cuts anywhere on Trayvon's body, and if he had been in a fight like Zimmerman claimed, there would have been at least some bruising on his knuckles. This kid was killed by a Barney Fife wanna be. He was told to leave the kid alone and wait for the police to arrive, which he did not. He took the law into his own hands. They are sweeping it under the rug because Zimmerman's father was a former judge and probably has a lot of connections within the county. Is it ok to shoot every kid with a hoodie, a pack of skittles and a bottle of tea? You know who else wore a hoodie? Jesus. Does that mean he was asking for it?



Did TM's dad lived @ that location??? I only heard that his fiance live there. I guess they could be "shacking up"

Looking at the video I find it hard to see enough detail to see if Z was injured. You do see a policeman checking out the back of Z's head. More important about this video is to take note of the color of Z's jacket. A 911 caller said that she saw someone wearing "white" standing over a body before hearing the gun shot.

It was Richard Kurtz, the funeral director not the Medical Examiner who is saying that TM's chest had a gunshot wound, but his body had no other injuries.

You claim he (Z) did not leave TM alone after being informed by the police. From the 911 tapes we hear the operator tell TM that he didn't need to "follow" TM anymore. Then you hear a "OK" in reply.


I will be there supporting Zimmerman as well.


Z's father claims that after the operator told Z not to follow TM.
Z stopped following but continue walking towards TM's last know location in order to see a cross street to give a better description of his location.
Z should know the cross streets in the area, as he is the neighbor watch guy. A small point but it’s something that troubles me.

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