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March 19, 2012


Barbara smith

Alex has never been in any kind of trouble, he was a
Student at UTDallas and had just driven 20 hours
From Sallsa to San Diego. We think he was so
Tired that he must of gotten confused and entered
The highway going the wrong way. No one has been
Able to explain to his family why the rent car he had

John Doe

Lies. Lies. Lies. For the people who actually knew Alex, he was a crazy out of control kid who tried to act like a hard core drug dealer and hard ass. He was out that way transporting meth. He had a breathalyzer on his Tahoe and was drunk. Some how he started his tahoe and drove to the airport to rent a he could drink on his drive to mexico. He had drugs in the car and knew he would go to prison for a long time if he got apprehended. He was running lol they had to use spike strips.How could you say he was never in any trouble? People dont run from blue and red lights for no reason, no matter how tired. He either blew himself up, the drug dealer that he got the drugs from put a bomb in the car or the spike strips made the car explode. He was doing something that he knew would bring him harm.

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