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March 06, 2012



So they knowing put a jew in a cell with an aryan brotherhood member and then get all self righteous and pissed because this happened? Give me a freakin break.This was done on purpose and those who did should be held responsible.What a joke


I am curious, any paticular reason jail officials put a UAB member in with a Jewish prisoner in the first place?

geri elkins-alexander

Can you really say that they did not know the idiot was an Aryan nation member? Not only should he be punished, but the prison officials as well. Timothy York is a danger to society and 63 months is not long enough to keep him in prison-is this to be served concurrently or consectively with his other sentence?


This is typical of the Startlegram. They publish half the story. When are we going to get a decent newspaper in this town??


ACitizen, we are stuck with the McClatchey's canary cage liner instead of a real paper.

And the Aryan monster should just be hanged immediately, not sentenced to more life in prison - just kill the puke with a rusty needle.

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