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April 30, 2012


Harold T Appleman

TRE is a Great System! This happens quite frequently on the Amtrak/New Jersey Transit North East Corrider,the busiest in the nation.Patience is the key!
Bustitution is the temporary solution.


Many of us boarded the TRE at Union Station at 3:45pm yesterday afternoon. It was a 3-hour tour to Centerport and after boarding the buses there, it was another hour to T&P station. It was a four-hour excursion that I don't want to repeat, but I will say, the passengers had a great deal of patience, and, while certainly inconvenienced, no one showed any outward anger or hostility...and the 'harumphs' were kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, The-T hasn't thought through, logistically, this type of issue because the bus situation should have been handled in a more organized and streamlined way. All of the buses made stops at every station rather than having select buses going point-to-point. My particuar bus stopped at Hurst-Bell Station and nobody got-off. There's more but may it suffice to say that The-T really needs to plan contingencies for this type of thing.


What's the crime ? I would expect this in the Traffic blog.

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