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April 17, 2012


Tia Gowins Flores

The 3 ACCUSSED from this area were 'conned into this scheme' also!They were unwittingly involved by a FAMILY MEMBER,(who ran the real-estate agency in CA.) She had them sign applications for loans(assured them ALL they needed was 'good credit'), then once in her possession SHE falsefied the appications. The women here backed away from the situation as soona s they realized something was wrong. (Like the AVERAGE PERSON, not understanding all the in-and-outs of real-estate and bank loans), THEY MADE THE MISTAKE OF TRUSTING THEIR SISTER, who supposedly had the expertise.The did not profit from this situation, only had heartache, and much lost sleep. We can hope the true criminals(the ring leaders) are prosecuted and the innocent cleared. should we be so surprised that people can be conned this way. Remember the GOOD CITIZENS that TRUSTED Bernie Madoff? This is a REPEAT, just of a different nature!

Ramsey Foggle

Ignorance of the law is no excuse! If it sounds to good to be true than it probably is!

Jeff Benefield

My Prayers for teh falsely accused!

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