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May 26, 2012



An eye witness said there was a funeral Presetion and the lead police officer on a motorcycle pulled on to the interstate into the middle lane and simply put his hand up to stop traffic, causing this massive pile up. You need to investigate this accident and not take the police departments word for it.

George Whitaker

"shut down for hours" I think that this indicates a need for training. The "I" in I20 stands for Interstate. Such a valuable and high traffic road should not be shut down for any more than the time required to clear and investigate. That time should be short to facilitate and respect that "I". 30 minutes is too long. "Hours" indicates the need for training to do the job faster.


It was highly uncalled for to shut down a major interstate for hours and reroute to 287; which became a huge parking lot! Not so sure the police department in Arlington know what they are doing a majority of the time.


You can't be so quick to say the police did a poor job handling traffic. If an RV was on fire, then there was probably a danger of propane tanks exploding, not to mention the 30 or 40 gallons of fuel. And, if there was an 18 wheeler involved, that's even more fuel plus whatever cargo there was. I was caught in traffic for an hour because of it and I'm not gonna be mad about police diverting traffic for few hours to possibly save my life.

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