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May 30, 2012


Sandy Napier

ANYONE who steals from the public, ESPECIALLY now, should have the book thrown at them! This man should have been DEPORTED for coming over here & ripping us off!

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You cannot deport a US national, which this guy obviously now is after 30 years of living in the US!

There is NEVER an appropriate time to steal, which is what is inferred by Sandy's comment.

Bottom line is, do the crime, do the time!

Daniel Allison

If his health is as bad as indicated the thirty days may well be a sentence of life. If he is sent to prison then we, the tax payers, would be responsible for his medical care expenses. The judge seems to have made a fair decision to balance the need for justice against the best interest for the public.


It's amazing how many people don't understand how bad Deferred Adjudication is. Yeah, it's true you don't have to sit in the pokey. But people think you get a second chance after the probation period. Such is absolutely NOT the case. You can vote, which a convicted felon cannot do. You can serve jury duty, which a convicted felon cannot do. You can buy firearms, which a convicted felon cannot do. BUT you might never work again. All potential employers can see the charges on a background check.... forever. So if you say that you are not a felon on the application, they think you lied. If you must check the yes box, then why can you vote and buy firearms? This is the big scam, the big lie, from the state of Texas. Over 2 million people. You would think they actually want people to work. But they don't care because there's no money in it. There's no state income tax. If there were, you would see this loophole fixed PRONTO. I speak from experience. Scott Wisch gave me three years probation and deferred adjudication in 1993. Beginning in 1996, when I was "released", I was never again able to get a job if they did a background check. So... report on that, why don't ya...

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