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May 28, 2012



Why don't they mention how many dogs have been shot by cops going to the wrong adress? There's something wrong here.


The Dog Killer should be fired by the city. He should also be sued and I hope he suffers great economic losses due to his trigger happy behavior.

I assume the city of Fort Worth doesn't support the killing of family pets. From the picture that dog looks nothing like a pit bull. The officer was just a coward.


There was a story in April where a Ft. Worth officer shot a dog and fragments of the bullets hit two teenagers. I know mail carriers and joggers that carry dog mace. Why do the officers not mace or taze the dogs vs. shooting pistols? Also, find it odd that police are now saying that he was looking for suspects when the call was to respond to 4917 and he went to 4717? The potential cover-up on this one seems to be adding to what is troubling me. There was also a similar story in Austin where they have released the dashcam from the patrol car - look forward to listening to this one too. How many lives have to be endangered before policy is changed and police are directed to use not lethal methods like mace?

Sheri B

That was that dog's yard so maybe the jerk should have done what the owner said and moved out of the yard.


I've never trusted border collies...there's something about them that seems a little shady.


Our system has been hiring cowards and bullies to be our 'peace officers' for far too long. They have a kill first attitude, and our legal system does nothing to these murderers. If someone wrongly comes into my yard, killing one of my animals, I will shoot first and ask questions later. Protecting mine must come first.

Janice Lower

I cant believe such a thing as this.I have dogs I love and I feel really bad for these people for their terrible loss.


The cop was at the wrong address. He had no business being there. As far as I'm concerned, he was trespassing, and the dog was on it's own property. How can this police department let this guy stay on the force? Sounds like a trigger happy idiot who can't even get an address correct. Get rid of him, maybe he can work security at Wal-Mart (and not be allowed to carry a weapon)

Leasher Patrol

Maybe they should have been on a leash, you know there is a leash law in most cities. Your front yard is not exempt unless it has a fence.


Fire the trigger-happy jackass before he feels threatened by a 9 year old or a low-flying plane.


I been in Security/Law Enforcement for over 15 yrs and I must say this is one of the dumbest actions by an officer I ever heard of. wrong address and border collie for a pit bull? Really! I love animals and my heart go's out to them. This guy just can't get away with an oh well I'm sorry!!!

Karen Smith

Seriously ...If you think a border collie is an agressive dog then you must be afraid of your own shadow...BOOO!! did you just soil your pants!! This is pathetic and is a huge cover up ..I am so sorry for the o wonder the police do a horrible job!! How could we expect an officer who is afraid to handle a dog to handle a real threatening situation!!


the cop just doing his job?

Anna Holyfield

It looks like the DPD needs to hire the Dog Whisperer to train them on canine body language. Just because a dog is barking doesn't mean it is aggressive.


The police officer was careless and doesnt care.


@Leasher Patrol: It was a porch, not a front yard, you badge bunny.


Sounds like there are a lot of y'all that need to get out there, strap on a badge and do the job.... You don't mind standing behind the wall these brave men an women guard keeping the HoodRats away, but you are sure fast to judge when you don't have all the facts because YOU were not there.

Sgt Paul


if you are a cop Sgt. Paul you should be fired. go to someones house by mistake and shoot their dog. really? ever heard of a tazer? I'd rather deal with the hood rats.

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