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May 07, 2012



Lets hope that perhaps the body was of another calf, that Lightning Medicine Cloud was stolen and some hair planted on the body found, and that the sacred one can be recovered.
If this animal was truely slaughtered
as reported, whoever did so should be skinned themselves on the court house lawn.

Leslie Jameson

What a heartbreaking story. I am interested in contributing to the reward fund. How can I do that?


I am sick to death over this. I say once those killers are captured you do to them what they did to the calf. No more of this trying them and putting them behind bars. I saw all people out there that purposely harm animals, torture animals, harm humans or torture humans should have done to them what they did to their victims. Our form of punishment in this country is too lax. In other countries if you steal they cut off your hand. Now that is what I call good punishment. Bet it keeps folks from stealing. Going to jail nowadays is like a walk in the park. Free meals, education, cigarettes, haircuts, play time. Some even can have spouses come in for sex. I say slaughter the killers.


If at all possible I hope that the Lakotas catch the person(s) that butchered this beautiful animal. I would like to see them pay for this by what would happen to them by the Lakotas.


This is clearly a hate crime.


I do not share the Native American beliefs about the white buffalo, but I know this calf was very important to many people. The killing was pure meanness, and I hope the guilty parties are caught and punished to the extent that the law allows.


It is beyond words how sick and cruel people are. Today we do not respect life for humans or animals or we would not have abortions and euthanasia, we are a throw away society. Killing is just so useless.
Only consolation is that this killer will have to ultimately answer to God for horrible act. God will hold him accountable.
I am very sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you.


How horrendous!! It would take a very dark soul to perpetrate such an evil act. This will not go unpunished, if not in this life, definitely in the next. What a sad time that we live in.

Jason Martin

Marty Sabota, Star-Telegram editors:
Why would you include Little Soldier's speculation about a "poison dart" and "professional hit" on the mother? The man is obviously grief-stricken and wanting answers; things like this should be left out to avoid compromising his credibility in court (should the perp be found).
I see nothing added to the tragedy of this story by including these details, and frankly I find it irresponsible.

Elizabeth Tobey

I am so sickened by hearing about this killing. I hope they find the people who are responsible.

Catherine Wiley

I'm so saddened to hear about the slaughter of Lightning Medicine Cloud and Buffalo Woman. Is there a funding platform set up to bring the culprit/s to justice? I would like to contribute to that.


I am so sorry for your loss. With all that is going on in the world today, this story has bothered me the most since I first read it several days ago...we live in a world of unparalleled cruelty and evil. Please let me know if I can contribute or help in some way...

J. Jones

I am an american, living in Thailand. I saw the report of the birth of the buffalo on Fox News, it was shown almost daily before its death. I cannot put into words my sad feelings, and at the same time, rage over this event.

This goes way beyond cruelty to an animal. These people need to be caught, prosecuted, convicted, and put away for life. Hopefully, "prison justice" will be dealt to them by other inmates. I only hope it is slow and painful.

Terry Lee Whetstone

Well,here we are once again. This is not the first time this has happened. There have been other White Buffalo killed and one in the Dakota's and it was grown named Medicine Wheel. I did a painting about that story and wrote a story of my thoughts to go with it to keep the Spirit of the White Buffalo alive. Humans are the most wasteful, hateful, and cold blooded living beings on this earth. But, when will it stop on others attacking the American Indian ways; attack on Spiritual ways, destruction of the American flag, and this includes our Mother Earth. Yes, they should be caught and punished to the limits of the law as if they took a human life and for destroying a Spiritual being and would be called Religious in the non Indian world. It is like destroying all the Christian Bibles. It is way past time to STOP and come together to protect one another and this includes all Life. I am a mix blood Cherokee, Blessings and OstA Nuwati.

John Stokes

I cannot believe how evil people can be its one thing too kill such a majestic animal but too kill a majestic and high spiritual animal as the GREAT WHITE BUFFALO is lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut an all involved should be skinned and tanned.
I pray to my god that the guilty one or ones are found and dealt with soon.
If I can be of any help sending letters or anything contact me.
Animal lover


I have a better idea of how to deal with whomever did this horrific and senseless hateful crime against this animal baby and it's mother and that is to tie down this person or person(s), poor coca cola or honey all over their bodies and then unlease the fire ants on them which will bite and knaw at their skin and body and organs for hours and hours until there's nothing left of them but until they actually die from the ants slowing devouring their flesh and organs they will be screaming in agony which will give them plenty of time to remember that what they did to this baby and it's mother which are defenseless creatures against humans will not be tolerated and/or forgiven by Man and Woman - Not even God will forgive whoever did this to his rare creation!


Turns out the Calf died of natural cuases and had not been skinned. Police were notified 6 days after the death and 3 days after it was burried. a vetrinarian has attributed its death to "blackleg" a bacterial infection. The mother also died as a result, along with others in the herd. though this is a horrible tragedy it can only be blamed on mother nature. there is a vaccine for blackleg that has been tested in cattle but not in bison, though there are reports of it being successsful in bison. unfortunatley it is a huge loss for the native american community of the area. We will still pray for your loss.


I hope that the Lakota catch up with the person that done this to this sacrade animal and give them the same treatment that the old tribes would. this crap was uncalled for. if I can get more info I will try my very best to help bring these ppl to justice not a life of luxury. that is what prison is anymore. if you can get information on this inccedent you can e-mail it to me at

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