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June 22, 2012



Dre did not do this, he is protected my disabled child for over 2 years. He is loved regardless of the BS the police put out. Aunt Shelley Loves her Dre!


caring for a disabled child doesn't have anything to do with his ability to pull a trigger.

Judith Valverde

Seriously, because he protected your disabled child, he is not capable of MURDER!!!! GET A GRIP ON REALITY! THE TRUTH HURTS!!!


The police just wanted to make an arrest before people start to complain,,so they got him, hes innocent free my homeboy Dre!


Who cares lady he is a killer and should be punushed.

Law Abiding Citizen

Aunt Shelley doesn't make complete sense but I deciphered enough to have a few questions ; How does Aunt Shelley KNOW 'her Dre' didn't do this? Was she there?
Typical knee jerk criminal reaction to blame the police. Those darn po-lice just out to get ur Dre! duh
Carrying a gun was a stupid thing for 'Dre' to do. Take responsibility for what you've done and pay the price.
Buh Bye Dre...see ya in 25.. if you behave.


This isnt the type of person he is. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time and maybe with wrong people. I believe in our justics system. Please dont let me down now.

Denton Drive

I have known this family for many years. Dre is a very polite young man. I do not know if he did this or not. I was not there - I did not witness this incident. But I do know there are many families hurting over this entire situation. I will pray the truth is revealed and justice is served. If he is innocent, may he be set free.

LAW ABIDING CITIZEN - You are really a moron. He has not been convicted of anything. If and i say IF he is guilty, he will pay the price. You have no business judging.


Trust me, there is no way he did it. He is not the type. And he is not capable of murder. period. He's a good kid and has a bright future as soon as they figure it out. They don't say what kind of evidence or what the witness accounts are. They have no proof and yet they went to his house and literally dragged him out in front of his family and friends, even though he had gone in to talk to them just a few days prior. He gave them cooperation and they shit on his rights. And I'm sorry, but the "po-lice" that you speak of in Arlington work for one of the most corrupt city governments in North Texas. There are lawyers that will not practice in Arlington, but will in Dallas. That's how screwed up their internal government is. They are less than incompetent and the treatment he got was sickening. He is a good kid, its not just that he wouldn't have the ability to pull the trigger but that there wasn't a trigger to pull in the first place.


Have yall ever heard of Guns Dont Mixed With Alcohol?? i guess not Let the Arlington Detectives do there Job and Guess what This system ant corrupt no systems are!! Yall Just Cant Accept the Fact that Hes the one That Did it!
Besides the Cops Dint Arrested him for no reason they have to have a Reason Maybe its Call Proof you Ignorant people Defending a murderer!!

R.I.P Obeth Hernandez!


Innocent till proven guilty! Keep your head up Dre!!


Free my Big Brother Dre!! i doubt he did this cause he was the one keeping me out of trouble when i was in school. He's the last to pick up a gun on somebody. get your facts together before jugding him. I bet if he was rich and famous none of this would be happening. Worry bout the real criminals and leave him alone


He wouldn't do it. I know this guy. knew him all through school and his brother. He a really cool guy. Let him go


He deserves to be in jail for life. He took one of my best friends life, more like a brother. He knows what he did. Man up to the consequences.


i dont think that he did it i have been knowing knowing dre for 190 years that he is not that type of person

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