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June 11, 2012


Gilbert Solis

No jury will convict him. I would do the same if any pervert tried to touch my daughter.

Notch Johnson

Give that father a medal!


As a father of a young daughter, I can say that I along with just about every other father out there would have probably done the same thing in that situation. Hope the court feels the same way.


Sad case all around.

It does need to go to a Grand Jury though, and not just a rubber-stamp Grand Jury but one that actually investigates the situation and comes to a decision that is independent of the district attorney's office. Society is better served if a large group of adults representing all of society investigates this and makes the decision of how to respond rather than just the police and prosecutor.

Did he throw any of the blows while his daughter was still in danger? That's protecting an innocent person. The Grand Jury should no-bill on those punches and the local government should give him a medal.

Did he throw any punches in the "heat of passion," where he was for all practical purposes temporarily insane? The Grand Jury should indict for non-intentional charges like involuntary manslaughter or whatever the legal term is for involuntarily causing someone bodily harm. The prosecutor should offer a very generous plea deal, such as deferred adjudication on a reduced charge. Society needs to publicly frown on losing your cool even in trying circumstances, but we also recognize that when you do lose your cool under circumstances like this you shouldn't be treated as if you were in full control of yourself.

Did he throw any of the punches while he was in control of his mind and after his daughter was no longer in danger? If he did, he was taking the law into his own hands and should be treated as anyone else who intentionally hurts someone. Depending on when the guy died and which blow killed him, this could be any charge from misdemeanor abuse of a corps up to capital murder. Under the circumstances, the prosecutor should give some mercy, such as giving a sentence on the low side of average, but the guy shouldn't get a total cake-walk compared to others who are charged with the same offense under more typical circumstances.

Now, can the Grand Jury ever know what was going through this guy's head? No. For that reason, we will never be certain of what justice in this case is, and therefore we will never be certain if we have justice for the dead man.

What we do know is that, if this story is true, the girl got her justice.


On another note, the law should also provide that, upon reasonable proof that the dead man was molesting the girl, that the dead man's estate and family can never sue the girl's father for his actions. Heck, the girl, through her parents, should be able to successfully sue the dead man's estate for far more money than what most 47-year-old men have to their name.


As much as I dislike violence, that is one child molester that will not repeat his offense.

Heather v

Molestation of HIS daughter on HIS property ? Thank God he did what he did. I will pray for his father he did what a father is supposed to do --- protect his children ....

troy h

if it were up to me all child molesters would be put to death. leave this man alone he was protecting his family , and who knows how many other kids he saved from this pervert.


One less pervert in the world. Maybe society should take a page from this man's book, there would be less people willing to harm children especially molesters.


Heard on the radio this morning that they are unable to locate the dead man's next of kin, because they're all in Mexico, and now there is question of whether he was in the country illegally. :(

Jennie T

The sad thing is if the molester lived and went to court he would just get a minimal punishment since he has no criminal record. No telling who else he has molested and of course he would continue to harm children in the future!


my God what is wrong with this country? a daddy is suppose to protect his children..this poor man did exactly what he was suppose to do. what a waste of time and money. take the money wasted in this disgusting attempt to prosecute and get the family to Dr.Drew. father did the right thing. he might not know and feel it now,but he will with time,help and when his daughter thanks him for saving her. molester might have killed her. who/what is the spineless prosecutor who hates being on the right side of the law. wow weak, very weak.

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