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August 29, 2012


Heather Magee

This is.disgusting, that facility needs to be shut down and every employee contacted with that residents needs to be in jail.. that poor lady can't even.defens herself and makes me sick!!


Someone needs to be in jail. The defenseless needs to be protected. I predict this nursing home won't be opened for business as usual. If it continues to operate, it will probably be under new administration. Zero tolerance on abuse!

Joseph Mas

The people who carry out this abuse are vicious criminals. Personally, I think they should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. It is very saddening to see this happening to our senior citizens.


leonard cisneros

if we placed security cameras in all room and hallways, and restrooms, this would help, needs to be rsolved asap , and take full action acording to the very exend of the law, and mabye a new law with more severe punishment.lrc

Lindca Serna

I think this happen to my father also. He recently died in March 07/2012. We noticed that he also had bruises on his legs and arms. He also had dementia. The sad thing is that we noticed this and we ask nurses and staff and they all would not listen to us. We wish we could of done the same thing by putting cameras. The sad thing is that on Fri and Sat he was doing fine. Then on Sun my sister gets a call from the Dr. and told us that we would have to put my dad on hospice. Which on Monday we put him on hospice got him comfortable and on Tues March 7 he passed away. So I know that my father did not have good patient care at all. We have pictures of that. His arms being bruised, his bottom buttock. So I am very happy this family put cameras. Thank you so much. I also work in the nursing field. I will say this to work in a nursing field you have to take care of your patients like you would take care of your mom and dad.

Bogdan Martinovich

Nursing home abuse is one of he major problem of our society and for any nursing home abuse and neglect case we all are responsible, we don't take proper steps after any case and give same values to those guilty people as well. We should discard those people and should treat like criminals.

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