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August 30, 2012



Wow I can not beleave the world we live in today... This man should have got much more then this and to read about how the court was asked to consider his kids and parents that he takes care of (really) what about his ex wife and her kids that were put in the situation with all the strange men showing up on there door step expecting sexual pleasures from her do to his fake account in her name??? Thank god that god was with them at thouse times because the crazys out in this world today could have killed her and her kids... This type of sentence is why there are more people taking the punishments into there own hands because the law is failing us all as they are suppost to protect and serve not slap on the rist untill someone gets killed or raped and so on.... But do do beleave he will still have to answer to god for it all and I pray he dont do anything else to his ex wife or anyone else...


Some penalty for destroying a persons life.

Former Victim

A slap on the wrist. What a joke. I'm sure the ex-wife feels real safe, NOT! I guess the law doesn't apply when it's one of your own.

small dog

What do you expect he is a police officer.

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