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September 18, 2012


dee dee wallace

I guess it is a Texas tradition. We buy toliet paper for our kids all the time. Ours boys toliet paper everyone in our neighborhood, especially in the summertime. This parent didnt go back out with the kids at 2 in the morning. They snuck out. This seems fueled by some jealous petty parents wanting drama. Stuff like this in Dallas FT/Worth doesn't get that kind of attn out of nowhere. Its just plain silly move onto real news.


Something just doesn't match up with this story.
Its obvious from this moms fb that she's been a surrogate to these kids for many years without incident. And this is a group of a LOT of kids.

Regarding a $6,000 graffiti restoration. Spray-on graffiti remover for indelible ink, paint, etc. is available at Home Depot for under $10. Washes off with water.

This sounds like a homeowner looking for a big payday.

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