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September 29, 2012



looks to me like boys in kennedale are a bunch of little whining babies who have proven that being 18 doesn't mean you are mature and in this case very immature


2Timothy3:7 For some of these men go into homes and deceive foolish women who are burdened with sins and swayed by all kinds of desires.

The boys better know that they are not victims here, they are at fault as well. There is no way this woman should be serving prison time.

KN Lewis

At first, I thought her sentence was too harsh. I feel very differently now. If she doesn't understand that student/teacher sex is wrong, and since she is now claiming to be the victim, prison is exactly where she needs to be. I do know that as long as she claims to be the victim, she may as well forget being paroled.

John Q

When I was 18 I would have tapped that thing too. But we didn't have cell phone cameras then so I would have had set up that old huge Bell & Howell.


It's 'consensual' not 'consentual'. I know, ironic in this case, right?


Never in these types of cases are the students ever held accountable. Granted teachers that have inappropriate relationships with students should be punished. But there should be school policy that states students have some responsibility as well. I have never heard of any student being punished for participating. Now, I am talking about students that are 17, 18 and 19 years of age. Students are suspended from school everyday for all kinds of petty behavior but nothing happens to them when they are responsible, at legal age, for sending someone to prison.
Take away this woman's privilege to teach, yes, but send her to prison for consensual sex with legal age participants and the school does nothing to these students. Give me a break!


This law should be challenged in court. As long as both parties are over age 18, then no crime has occured, I would have voted for acquital if I was on the jury.

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