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September 28, 2012



Explain how you are a 'victim'? Even if video was taken what you were doing was and is WRONG. Suck it up and have great knowledge you will NOT be TEACHING my CHILDREN! Simple as that!

James Stell

If they are 18 and above what is the problem crminally?


No, but she gave her consent for a "gang bang" of a time without much thought. The appeal itself is rediculous.


LOL ..... She is the Perfect Democrat / Victim ...... Never accepting responsibility for themselves or their own actions ..... Go Obama Go ! ..... LOL


Nut job


She was wrong for having sex with her students, but because the students were over the age of 18, they should be held accountable for shooting the video tape without her consent. That is the law and they broke it. And just because they are students they can break the law? Think NOT. They are over the age of 18, and should receive jail time for their unlawful violation. The teacher should also go after them in a civil court for violating her right to privacy.
As far as the 5 years in prison, that is just unfair. Because of their ages (they are legal adults) she should have been sentenced to time served and stripped of her teaching certificate. Most violent offenders don't receive this much "justice." Prison should be given to those who children are under the age of 18. Which also means she should not be convicted of a sexual predator.

Billy Davis

It's interesting that the lawyer's that made this law will not ban themselves from sleeping with clients. The fact that these kids were 18 and voluntarily slept with this woman in group sessions should absolve this woman of a crime.

Brandy King

If you are going to be a teacher, you should have chosen someone else to have group sex or sex with period. You knew the rules, now you pay the consequences regardless of the ages.


i don't see how having consensual sex with someone 18 or older is a crime and worthy of a prison sentence. at most, she might have lost her job.


Now,weren't we told during the Clinton Lewinsky sexcapades that sex between consenting adults was personal and not an impeachable offense? I don't condone what this woman did but to sentence her to five years seems a bit harsh after the media and the Democrat party changed the defintion of sex between consenting adults. It's one way or the other -- can't have it both ways boys and girls!!


And what doesn't she understand about the new age, low moral paparazzo?


Hell I wish I had a teacher like that -- I'd Hit It !


tell me how -- I will put money on her books


She deserved what she got, she feels remorse now. But she knew when she did it, it was wrong an illegal.

Daniel Riley

I'm 58 and an Viet Nam Vet, fire her, blacklist her but come on Texas if a guy is old enough to fight for his country he ought to be old enough to decide who he's going to have sex with. Dah!!!!!!!!!! Let her out and have an understanding that she and her kids leave the state. Your new ways of doing things are what got you to this place, RIGHT? Anything goes today! Can the state of Texas even guess how big of A@!&^ you look like?

Tom Smith

Group sex, with male students, with cell phones. The ignorance of a teacher regarding the maturity of male students in high school says a lot about the intellignece and dedication of this teacher. The fact that she is intending to tie up our courts even longer should be a lesson that we should all understand as taxpayers and parents and law abiding Citizens.

Tom Smith

I am a taxpayer who happens to be gay and guess what. I get to pay to take care of this woman for the next five years and she has more rights then I do. I also got to help pay for these kids educations as well.
No wonder this country is in trouble.
Time to let the parasites carry their own weight.


If everyone was of legal age I don't think the Court should waist our taxes with a dog and pony show, it was immoral but everyone involved showed poor judgement, if she go's to prison the men should at least be in some kind of boot camp, otherwise no charges!


She knew better and got what she deserved. Teachers are told about not having sex with students regardless of their age. She is trying to get by on a technicality. She didn't give her consent for the video to be taken, but maybe she needed to see what she has done to her family. If she had been a man, people would have called for her head on a platter. She should just shut up and take her punishment. There are a lot of men around who are not in high school who would have been willing to have sex with her. I don't feel the least bit sorry for her. She was lucky that it wasn't my son or grandson because she might not have had a white spot on her body at trial.

susan cannaday

As a teacher she knew better, age 18 or older is not a factor. They were students, a major NO NO. She is in the wrong and deserves her punishment. I have absolutely NO sympathy for her in her situation, but loads for her husband, who was serving our country at the time, and her children who did not ask for or deserve the shame she has put on the family name.

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