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September 20, 2012


LeAnn Marie

This young girl would've been my cousin, but because of this sick freak I never had the privilege to even meet her. I've heard from family members that she was a beautiful woman and very kind at heart. For the conviction to take over 25 years to occur baffles me. Someone should've stood up and confessed as a witness as soon as the murderer confessed. Ginger's mother, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis many years ago, has been left with this burden on her back, making her condition worse. The suspect in this case deserves what he's receiving and, in my opinion, the death penalty would be superb! You kill someone and get away with it scotch-free for 30 years; you deserve life in prison. At least he can't hurt anybody behind bars.

PS: After 30 years there is still an abundant amount of evidence left to convict the real killer. To even think that you're going to be "free" someday would be a falsehood. I pray every night that this trial ends with a unanimous vote of "GUILTY" and that we can all go home and sleep in peace.

Shelia Bertrand Haynes

This young beautiful person was my best friend. We had been separated for a couple of years due to families moving apart. I was attempting to locate her right after the birth of my first child in August 1984 and was devastated to learn of this tragedy. I have attempted several times to locate her mother but never had any luck. I still miss her 30 years later.

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