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October 16, 2012


Chery Morris

I understand Mr. Miller it is your job to create ratings but you should be ashamed of yourself trying to justify a death of a human being because he wasnt perfect in your eyes! In 2008 Roberto would of been a minor. Who hasnt skipped school? Theres not very many teenagers who havent smoked pot, and not many PEOPLE who havent ever "trespassed." I dont think you can judge a kid on a charge either!? According to Denton County he has NOT been convicted! Two completely different things! I mean no disrespect because again, your doing your job, but who are you or ANYONE else to throw stines when we all live in glass houses!!?? I hope his mother, his family and his new born son NEVER come across your article!!
From an eye witness on the death of ROBERTO CARLOS HERNANDEZ who was KILLED because he(the cop) could!


I agree with you,,, no person should remove anyone's life will ... and cops abuse their power,,, a good person who by simple mistakes because of age lost his life by a bad cop who believes that their work can shoot and take his life .... and still RECEIVE salary,,, hope and life will their punishment

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