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October 26, 2012



I have faith that Mr.Camarillo is not guilty of what he has been accused of. He is a great and wonderful band director, GPHS is lucky to have him. Why did the student wait so long??? Thats why I know he is not guilty. My daughter is in the GPHS MARCHING BAND and we are a family, I just feel that the student isn't saying the truth . One doesn't wait one whole year to say anything ...... It just doesn't make sense to me that one day she is telling her stories then the next minute he is being relieved of all his duties and in jail. I HOPE THERE IS A LOT OF EVIDENCE FOR GPISD & GP POLICE TO REACT THE WAY THEY HAVE. Because I just don't believe the victim is saying the truth!


Mr. Camarillo is innocent! I have personally known Mr. Camarillo for 5 years now, and he would never do ANYTHING like this! He was always talking about how important his job is to him. AND NOT TO MENTION BUT HE HAS A 6 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER! That's one reason i know he is not guilty. And like the comment above said; Why did she wait a year!?!?!? #FreeEricCamarillo!!!!!!!!!!


I've also been a friend to Eric since elementary and I know how important his job is to him. He is just to smart to do anything like this and risk losing everything plus his new family. I think the accusations are false also. I've also been told that the victim confessed to making it all up on twitter. So what's taking the investigation so long to complete?


He is definitely innocent, students are so stupid now. She's probably some self conscious child who needs the attention. Free Mr. Camarillo. His students are more important to him than his job. He loves us all. If the GP police department found him guilty then I have lost faith in GP. Also, might I add I'm a former student of his, I know what he's about.


I've known him half my life. This is just so wrong. No words to express just how wrong all this is...


The truth will com out sooner or later. If Mr. Camarillo is guilty of be involved with a student, then he is guilty! Teachers can not be involved with students! Period!

teresa. martinez

Oh my. Student's are stupid I hope this never happens to ur child. Untill then back up reguardless if you know him. Ur sad for saying s
he stupid that's why rape victumes never come forward because stupid ppl like u.

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