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October 05, 2012



He deserves the death penalty

Joseph Pineda.MD

This disgusting evil and loathsome "individual" and I used the word very loosely....more fitting description would be that of a stalking animal, preying on innocent victims... he murdered my niece's husband in cold blood... and without provocation..a crime that was premeditated and poorly thought out due to his obvious stupidity and lack of education...or maybe he was just another of the Government's "do not leave behind Graduates" either case he has destroyed many and families. The damage he has caused will never be forgotten or erased from our memory.
DEATH PENALTY is much to good for him since the State does not want HIM to SUFFER like his victims did.The horror that Clint Dobson must have endured as he realized he was being murdered and struggled for his life and thinking of his wife(my niece),his family his parents, siblings,as he endured the savage beating and crack skull and suffocation.....HELL is too good for this animal....I hope the STATE of TEXAS does it's duty swiftly once the JURY finds him obviously guilty.I hate to think that my taxes help house him, feed him, and provide him with medical care.This killer's life is worthless...but the lives he ruined will never be the same again.

Carol N

This killing seems so cold and callous and all so premeditated. I agree with Dr. Jospeph Pineda, the death peanlty is way to good for these killers. All focus should always be on the victims, not the killers. The secretary will suffer many years with guilt survival, and Pastor Dobson, deserved so much better than this. These creeps need to stop making excuses, you "stepped over the bodies and they were still "alive", as a human being, what did you do to ensure, after this evil was done, that they stayed alive? Because you wanted them dead, to rob them and steal thier things. I am so glad Texas has the death penalty. Give justice to these two victims and put these mad dogs down. Then they need to beg God to forgive them, which he will, and they will still have to pay with thier lives regardless. This case sickens me to the core. My heart and prayers go out to the victims families...

Joseph Pineda,MD

My name is Joseph Pineda,MD I submitted the above comment. I was asked by my family as per the prosecuting attorneys request that they would prefer that my comment above be withdrawn until after the trail is over, as to not have any untoward effect on the course of the trail. It will be fine with me and my family if it is re-instated after the whole trial is over. Thank-you in advance for your courtesy in this matter.
Joseph Pineda,MD

C Dunn

Well said, Dr. Pineda


I am sicken at the thought our own kind can do this to someone else.Over something that has no meaning but to take a life over it is so sad'

Matt Mattresstain

Is he aware that as long as he was in commission of a felony, the robbery, it doesn't matter if he killed anyone he is just as responsible for the murders under Texas law? Dumbass.


This is an evil ,heartless man who reminds me of the devil. He does not deserve the death penalty!!! They should beat you and suffocate you. How can you kill a man of God and have no remorse!!! How does one walk into a church and do evil??? You will have to answer to God for this !!!!


I am deeply sorry for the Dobson's family loss and pray that God will provide comfort during this extremely difficult time and the coming years. Everyone will have to stand judgement before the Lord for our actions on earth, and I can't think of a more evil and gruesome thing that was done to Clint. Even more evil and gruesome though, is the destruction that non-believers will face in Hell for eternity (2 Thessalonians 1:9). Yet let us not forget the message of the Gospel, which Clint lived out and preached. God the Father offers salvation and eternal life to all sinners (even to cowards such as Mr Nelson) if they so choose to accept and proclaim that He is Lord (John 5:24). I hurt for you and your family and will be praying for everyone affected by this horrible act.

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