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November 29, 2012


Rusty White

Sadly Mexico and her citizens are pawns in “ Our “ known failure called the war on drugs. They have been bullied, manipulated and paid to follow our known failure of a policy, and almost 50,000 of their citizens have paid for it with their lives!. Many countries around the world are “ refusing “ to be bullied, bribed or manipulated in to following our failure. Guess what they are having great success, when will “WE “ the USA have the heart, backbone and honesty to admit our failures and seek the right path???

Could it possibly be our laws are wrong? Could it possibly be those with self serving bigoted agendas have manipulated “ drugs “ in to employment, political gains and fund raising opportunities? Such as politicians getting reelected, lawyers, judges, da’s, probation officers, police officers, bail bondsmen, jails, prisons, rehabilitation centers, u. a. testing, etc.. Drugs are truly a money maker for “ BOTH “ the supposed bad guys and those that feed their families off the misery of others! Sadly “ both “ sides of this war are sacrificing with their lives, AND FOR WHAT???

Answer this question for me, please:

“ If “ we have been on the right path with the longest war our country has ever been in ( sadly one against our own sons and daughters) for the last 40+ years while spending over a “ Trillion “ tax dollars and putting more people per capita behind bars than any other country on earth.
Would not logic, facts, reality and common sense dictate that “ if “ we are winning this war the need for more resources, funding, prisons, jails, probation, courts as well as the harm being done to our citizens, should all be going down “ NOT “ up year after year?

If logic, facts, reality and common sense can “ NOT “ be used to support and justify this known failure called the war on drugs, why should we be forced to sacrifice our nations sons and daughters to it???

There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it.

Rusty White
Speaker for LEAP

Rusty White

Sadly and as "usual" you didn't post my comment! Is there any wonder why people stopped reading and posting???

Rusty White

Thank You, I had lost faith in the ST because "many" times I have posted on these articles.

That have "Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them." and my comment not be posted. I don't know if the author was to busy, biased or what?


Rusty White, you have some very good points

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