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November 19, 2012


Rusty White

For me the question is, was it while on duty??? If so,fire him! If not mind your own dam* business!!!

Belinda Garza

Yes, Rusty White, i want someone who smokes meth "off duty" to be working my vehicle accident, my housefire, my medical emergency, etc. It is my dam* business. Seriously.


the time to tell your boss about this little problem is before the test, not after. That way maybe you can get help and get clean.


It wasn't on duty. According to state civil service law, and city personnel rules, illegal drug use is grounds for termination. It makes sense. If he's smoking meth off duty and has been awake for 3 days straight from meth, do you want him performing medical care on you?

Jim Merritt

Rusty, I do not care how much drugs you MIGHT do and I agree it's none of my business, but if you are any type of first responder then I DAM@ sure do not want you doing any type of drugs that just might hinder your response to my assistance. Plus I just hope that you are not driving on any roadways and taking a chance of taking anyone else out because you are not able to react while behind the wheel.

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