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November 01, 2012


Jim Merritt

If they would not try to enter the U.S. illegally then they might still be alive. the good part is we wont have to worry about them committing any crimes or drawing any welfare.

America for Americans

This was a pretty good piece of law enforcement. There are now at least two illegal aliens who won't be suckling at the teats of the US taxpayers. If all potential illegals knew that there was a substantial risk of being shot and killed once they illegally cross the border, it could possibly affect their decision to break federal law and burden the taxpayer with supporting them financially. That silly fence seems to not be much of a deterrent.

Osvaldo Vargas

that's sound racist, the death of anyone is not to e taken lightly. The DPS did the right thing, not knowing what was under the tarp. If they knew they wouldn't shot at the truck.

America for Americans seems to be another name for KKK.

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