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December 20, 2012



Trooper David Farrell is nearly as guilty. If he were sticking to his oath, he would have arrested Rapist/Trooper Kelly Helleson on the spot.


"suspended with pay". She should have been F-I-R-E-D!

LeeAnn Hogue

This whole incident really upsets me! I mean, if it was marijuana he smelled, it would have been personal use. So if the women DID have something hidden, the amount would have only been a misdemeanor. Why bother with calling an officer to search? I mean come on! What threat were these 2 women to have been searched at all? They were no threat. They harmed no one and marijauna wasn't found. Texas officers seem to go too far too often these days. It's not right! I see idiots driving like maniacs and no cops are even pulling them over. But 2 women throw a cigarette out of a window and are treated like they are criminals. It's shameful!

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