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December 08, 2012



I was wondering what happened. I had just came out from testing. We smelt electrical, but no alarms. I could smell the burnt wood smell when I left the building. Lots of fire trucks and police with serious faces.


We were in the neighboring Graphics Communications building for our photography final when this happened. We had to move our critique to the student center. I actually got a few pictures with my DSLR.

Patricia Kimble

We also were in the NCAB building (where Photography and Graphic Communications is located) for our final exam when we had to evacuate. After a couple of hours, we were finally able to quickly get back inside for a few moments to grab our belongings. When we left after 3 p.m. the fire was still smoking. I wish I had gotten some photos, but I didn't even think of it...I just wanted to make sure my students were safe. The Northeast Campus police did a wonderful job of evacuating the classrooms, as well as the firemen! Thank you to them for their outstanding work!

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