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December 11, 2012



It is illegal for an extranjero (foreigner) to carry firearms in Mexico, and most all other Central American countries they would have had to pass through on the way to Costa Rica. Whether or not the gun barrel was too short, they were headed for trouble from the beginning. They got some bad advice from someone, or didn't check to see if carrying a gun was legal.

Paul Mason

Hmmmm... Put things in context:

a. It's antique.
b. Apparently, the crime was 1" too short.
c. He tried to declare it.
d. He was a Marine.
e. Apparently, his real crime was that he probably had a bit of an attitude, and failed to ADEQUATELY pay off his jailors and the judge. But that's just surmising...

I guess Obama doesn't want to get involved because it involves:
a. gun
b. White Marine
c. Brown Mexican cops/judges
d. Political issue of Dems/Repubs.

I'm sorry this guy was so naive that he got himself into this mess, and I sure hope some Republican Senator, or some such, can get him out. Obviously, no Democrat would bother, as the Military supports Republicans.

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