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December 18, 2012


curtis phillips

Where is the State Dept? Is there anyone planning to go to the border to make a show of protest?


This guy broke the law! He should go to jail. His parents are basically saying ... he's American, Mexican laws don't apply. Well lady, if you travel abroad, you follow the laws of the country you travel to. Trying real hard to follow the law isn't the same as following the law. He needs to grow up and accept responsibility for his actions.

This is the attitude that is seeing such great problems in America.


Stay out of Mexico , your looking for trouble, thier is alot to do in the old USA. lc

bike a mountain

nice its illegal to own a gun in how are the killing all those people with Legal guns.

Allen Long

I hate to say this but This is not about the law but is way to extort money from friends and kinfolk. They will do the same thing if your kids
leave a shotgun shell in the trunk
and they search the car. I remember
a charity who gave a town a ambulance
they had to pay bribes to drive it down
there. They are scum.


The State Dept has no legal jurisdiction to "get someone off" of charges in another country. You do the crime, you do the time ... State can only moderately ensure your wellbeing.

And as for taking a gun into Mexico .... uh, Hello .... where does "nothing can go wrong with that plan" come into play.

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