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January 11, 2013


Liza Null

“He had no idea exactly what he said or whom it was to but he turned around to confront the man, challenging him to repeat what he had said,” Knight said.

Uh-huh. In other words, he was ready to fight someone before he even knew what the fight was going to be over. Because, you know, in HIS world, it's always ALL ABOUT HIM. You say something, you look in his direction (maybe not directly at him - just in his general direction), and he thinks it's just ALL about him.

What a freak. What a narcissistic freak. Put him in jail before someone "accidentally" says something to someone else and he will think that, once again, it's all about HIM, and some innocent person get badly injured or even killed.

And for what? For some narcissist who can't think straight.

Jonathan McFadyen

Everything has a cause. This teen isn't who he is due to nature, or personality. He's like this because of his upbringing. Maybe confrontation is all he knows. I wouldn't judge someone based on a short news article. I feel for this teen, I don't care if he threatened to shoot someone with a non-existent gun. I do care that he feels he needs to say things like that to deal with something he is unsure of. He needs help, as do you it seems Lisa Null.

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