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February 07, 2013



No cameras allowed inside?? HOLY CRAP! What is the MEDIA going to DOOOOOO!!!!

Jake Trotter

What happened to the Luttrell statement you were working on? Seems like you guys had the story and decided not to go with it yet. But if Kyle had told one of your reporters that himself it would have been online in 2 seconds.

B. L. Zebubba

This nailing-a-pair-of-armed-robbers story sounds like bullsh to me. "If Luttrell said it then it's probably true" - what a clownish remark.

Kathy Vetter

@Jake Trotter, as we said, if and when we receive a statement from Marcus Luttrell, we will post it on the blog. Eds


More Braggart trash-talk ... just like his attempted hit-man SMEAR of Jesse Ventura

Espada Guy

How many gas stations with cameras could there be in that area? Even a "cooperative" police department would have arrived with some urgency and stayed for quite a while to square away the scene. There must have been local witnesses that stumbled upon this intending to get some gas. Can't these people be located to confirm/deny any commotion at the time in question?


@Kathy Vetter

February 15, 2013
Sniper shooting in Cleburne a hoax

kyle nohero

kyle is the hoax. just more fodder to sell his book. chalk up that lie with the one about jessie ventura being punched along with all the other stories told to sell a book.


This story was confirmed from the horse's mouth. He told his old shooting partners this story before he was killed, they have confirmed it with me.

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